15 of the Best Skincare Tips for Radiant Skin

January 26, 2018
A girl who follows a healthy skincare regime has with flawless looking skin and holds a flower up to a baby boy so he can smell it

1 |ย Follow a basic skincare routine every single day – whether you wore makeup that day or not, you still need to wash your face! You’ve probably touched your face with your hands that have touched who knows what else, and dirt and pollutants in the air will land on your skin throughout the day! Make it a routine and stick to it; I always wash my face right after I put Parker to bed (excluding our 1 date night out, and 1 date night in) this way I never have the excuse that I’m too tired.

2 |ย Use a fresh face cloth every day – when you’re done washing your face, the cloth you just used is usually a little damp creating the perfect breading ground for all the bacteria you just cleaned off your face, use it again the next day and you are just spreading all that nastyness back over your skin. I keep a stack of fresh cloths at my skin so there is always one available when I need it.

3 |ย Exfoliate regularlyย – the term regularly will differ from person to person but anywhere from 1-3 times a week depending on how your skin is, but removing any build up of dead skin will allow toxins and congestion to purge out of the skin more easily as well as allow your skincare ingredients to penetrate deeper and your makeup to sit more flawlessly.

4 |ย Don’t squeeze anything – I am so guilty of this, actually I am one of those sick individuals who gets joy out of squeezing blackheads and other stuff, but if you can control yourself DON’T do it, not only can you damage the skin cells and cause scarring but you can actually end up pushing some of the congestion deeper into the skin.

5 |ย Use an SPF daily – We all know that UV rays are damaging to our skin, especially the delicate skin of the face, but we usually don’t think about this in the winter months or cloudy days, but surprise! the sun is still out and still omitting UV rays even on the crappiest of days. The other thing we often forget is that your SPF needs to be reapplied every 2-3 hours in order to be working effectively. It’s easy enough to reapply when your at the beach, but what do you do when its Sunday and your brunching and running errands with your girlfriends with a full face of makeup? I like to carry a translucent matte powder SPF that can be easily dusted over your face when your in the ladies room.

6 |ย Wash your makeup brushes – you use your brushes on your face probably almost every day, its safe to say they pick up a little bacteria here and there, washing your brushes regularly will help to keep your face blemish free. Now I’m pretty sure nobody likes washing their brushes, but if you find a way to work it into one of your routines it will get done more frequently. For myself I do an at home facial every Sunday, so I wash my brushes while I wait for my mask to dry (except for my brushes I use with wet products, I wash them after every use)

7 |ย Use disposable sponges – “but my beauty blender!!!” I hear all of you crying, let me ask you this, how many of you thoroughly clean and disinfect your beauty blender after each use? Probably not many, and guess what happens if you don’t… that sponge remains damp and creates a nice little breeding ground for bacteria that you will rub all over your face in the days to come leading to… breakouts! If you like using a sponge for your makeup, go disposable – you can even tear a bit of the sponge to create a better texture for more flawless blending.

8 |ย Go makeup free when possible – Give your skin a chance to breathe! Yes most makeup is non-comedogenic, but that just means that the makeup itself wont clog the pores, it will still act as a barrier for anything already underneath! So if your running errands on Saturday morning and then spending the rest of the day in, skip the makeup and grab a pair of oversize sunglasses instead.

9 |ย Drink plenty of water – “water is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty” but seriously water helps to aid in circulation and rids the body of toxins, that includes the skin. Not to mention skin is an organ which is made up of cells, and cells are made up of – water – so drink lots of it to keep your skin plump, firm, and functioning efficiently!


10 |ย Include healthy fats and fatty Acids in your diet – you’re body doesn’t make these on its own, you can only get them from the foods you eat and they are ESSENTIAL for healthy skin development and aid in creating the skins natural oil barrier to help keep the skin hydrated and plump, as well as help to reduce inflammation. So splurge on that sushi, or add that avocado to your salad!

11 |ย Exercise – when you do anything to get your heart rate up it also increases circulation, elevated circulation helps to push toxins out of the body more quickly and efficiently. If cardio isn’t your thing, yoga and Pilates also offer up a number of poses to help increase circulation and promote detoxification. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and if you are too busy for 30 minutes of consecutive exercise make choices that will get you moving a little like taking the stairs, or picking a parking space at the back of the lot.

12 |ย Get enough sleep – this goes without saying, tired eyes make you’re whole face look tired but when you’re sleeping your body is actually in restorative mode, deprive your body of the sleep that it needs and it will wear your system down, meaning everything doesn’t restore and reproduce as quickly as it should including your skin cells, so maybe skip that “one last episode” on Netflix (we all know it will turn into 3 or 4!) and get yourself some shut eye, your body will thank you by allowing you to feel and look your best!

13 |ย De-stress – high tension causes your hormones to surge, which leads to breakouts, try to find a little time each day for yourself to unwind and relax, these activities will be differ from person to person, maybe you haven’t found an activity that really works for you yet, experiment with different things, you might be surprise yourself!

14 |ย Do a detox a few times a year – As much as we try to eat organic, drink lots of water and exercise, we are all human and probably indulge in the occasional, or not so occasional bottle (or case) of wine, and McDonalds runs. So a few times a year, usually at the change of the seasons, I like to do a detox to help rid my body of toxins. DO NOT do this right around the time of a special event because there is a good chance you will break out – and that is a good thing, as this is all of the stored up toxins coming to the surface and out of the skin, things should go back to normal a few days after.

15 |ย Donโ€™t over do it! – If you are trying to deal with a specific skin concern, such as breakouts or dry skin, and you have tried a few different methods to try to treat the issue and given them a fair chance and you haven’t seen any improvement or the problem seems to be getting worse then its time to stop and seek medical advice from your doctor or dermatologist.

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