Everything You Need to Know About Eyeshadow Primer

January 26, 2018
3 swatches of different eyeshadow shades, one without primer underneath, and 1 with primer underneath for comparison


With so many different makeup products on the market its easy to get confused about what each one does, how to use it, and if you really need it (its makeup, even if we don’t really need it, we need it, common). Today I am going to answer some of the most common questions I get on, in what my opinion, is one of the most underused makeup products, eyeshadow primer.

Should I be using an eyeshadow primer?
The answer to this for the most part is, its up to you. But it also depends on what kind of makeup application you are trying to achieve, if you are going for a full glam look, or have a special event you are attending then you most definitely want to be using an eyeshadow primer. If you are going for a soft daytime look then it really comes down to your own personal preference.

Can I just use my face primer?
You could, and again it comes down to personal preference. But a face primer’s purpose is more to help smooth the skin to provide a more even application of your foundation.

So then what is the purpose of an eyeshadow primer?
An eyeshadow primer is a multipurpose produce, the benefits include
1. Evening the skin tone of your eyelid – the skin on our eyelids is often very thin, with visible veins, the shadow primer will help to even out any discolouration for an even colour application of your shadow
2. Gives your eyeshadow more staying power – a shadow primer will act as a great base to help your eye makeup application go on smoother, blend easier, and last throughout the day well into the evening hours without creasing or smudging
3. Intensifies the colour – often once we extract the shadow from the pot and apply it on our skin, it looses some of its vibrant pigment. Using a shadow primer will make the colours of your shadows appear more true to the colour that they are in the pot

How do I apply an eyeshadow primer?
Applying a shadow primer is super quick and easy
1. Use a concealer brush to apply a thin layer of primer from the base of your lash line to the top of the brow bone. (Be careful not to apply too much as it can be counteractive and lead to creasing)
2. Use a sponge to blend the primer to ensure an even application
3. Let the primer set for 30 seconds – 1 minute before starting to apply your shadow
*if you plan on using shadow under your bottom lash line you will also want to prime this area

Thats all for today, if you have anymore questions about eyeshadow primers, or are looking for product recommendations, leave a comment!




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