3 Things we should be doing for our skin everyday

January 26, 2018
a girl applying facial cleanser to her skin in a bathroom


a girl patting her skin dry with a tan coloured facecloth in a bathroom

a girl spritzing toner on a cotton pad to apply to her skin
Oxygen, food, drink, sleep, and shelter. The five basic needs on the first level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (look at that something I learned in high school just proved itself useful, sort of) but if Maslow were to have made a hierarchy highlighting the basic needs of the skin the first level would include: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Yes these are the basic needs of our skin in order for it to function properly, age slower, and look its best every single day. Even if you didn’t wear makeup that day you still need to wash your face, we don’t wear makeup over your whole body but we still shower daily. Make sure you follow these next steps every night they should only take about 5 minutes of your time…

1 | Cleanse – washing your face essentially, except you want to do this with a cleanser properly suited to your skin type and NOT with a soap. Soaps have a pH level much higher then the skin and will leave your face dehydrated and tight, a lot of people mistake this tight feeling for being squeaky clean, but in reality you’ve just stripped the natural healthy oils from your skin (same goes if your cleanser leaves your skin tight, you should switch to a gentler formulation.) When you are cleansing you want to do so for around 2 minutes, this will get the skin stimulated and the blood flowing to promote detoxification (your skin should be slightly pink after) You also want to use gentle outwards and upwards circular motions, the face has little tiny hairs on it that lay down to cover up the pore to protect it, you want to lift these little hairs to expose the pore to allow toxins an easy route out.

2 | Tone – helps to remove any excess residue, and rebalance the pH level of the skin to promote a healthy moisture level. To tone squirt or pour about a quarter sized amount of toner onto a cotton pad or ball, and gently wipe it over the your face, again working against gravity in an outwards and upwards motion.

3 | Moisturize – the skin is the first area of the body to get dehydrated due to external factors and because our body sends the water we drink to our skin last, moisturizer will help to balance the hydration and lock in moisture, which is the fuel for skin cell reproduction! There is a huge misconception that people with oilier skin do not need to moisturize this is false. When you are thirsty you don’t go grab a bottle of olive oil and chug it back, because water and oil are 2 different things. Oil is lubricating which helps to aid in moisture, but you can have excess oil and still lack moisture in the skin, instead you can opt for a gel moisturizer if a conventional cream feels to heavy on your skin. When you moisturize you really only need about a blueberryย sized amount (product doesn’t penetrate itself so putting on a thick layer is really just wasting it) again in massaging gently in outwards and upwards circular motions, because you are using circular motions, the completion of the circle will flatten the tiny hairs back down over the pores to protect them and complete the skincare routine.

Now when you wake up in the morning unless you have super excessively oily skin, there really isn’t a big need to re-cleanse your skin (you haven’t been outside to expose your skin to the elements) instead you can just splash your face with some water, or just let it get wet in the shower, and then tone and moisturize.

If you are already doing these 3 things for your skin everyday then that is amazing, and you may be ready to add some more advanced products into your regime, you can find out about those here!

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