How to Clean False Eyelashes

January 26, 2018
Baby oil, false eyelashes, a mixing pallet, a disposable mascara wand, and a paper towel sitting on top of a bathroom counter

I’ve mentioned before how I love false eyelashes and the added glamour they give to your overall look;Β but the cost of lashes can quickly add up if you don’t take care of them properly. You can usually get about 4-6 wears out of a set of false lashes depending on their quality, so today I am going to show you a step by step on how to properly clean and store your lashes in order to get the most out of them.

Step 1
TAKE YOUR LASHES OFF BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP this is literally the most important step, skip this and you’ve pretty much got to trash the lashes. I know some of you are probably thinking that is disgusting who doesn’t take their fake eyelashes off before bed, and I’m going to safely assume you are also the people that have never been to $2 Tequila Tuesday in their younger years. But seriously no matter the situation just remember to gently peel those bad boys off and leave them somewhere safe, the rest you can worry about in the morning, or whenever.

Step 2
Firmly hold the tip of the lash and gently pull off any excess glue along the base of the lash.two hands showing how to pull dried eyelash glue off of a false eyelash

Step 3
Put the lash on a hard wipeable surface (I use a mixing palate but the top of a yogurt container would work just the same) and put a little bit of baby oil or makeup remover on the eyelash.
one hand holding down a false eyelash on a mixing pallet while the other sprays it with baby oil

Step 4
Grab a disposable mascara wand, or a wand from an old tube of mascara that you’ve thoroughly cleaned. Firmly hold the base of the lash and run the wand through the eyelash to remove any excess mascara.
one hand holding down a false eyelash while the other hand runs a disposable mascara want through it

Step 5
Place the lashes on a paper towel and blot off any excess baby oil and mascara residue.

Repeat steps 1-5 for the second lash.
two hands blotting excess baby oil off of a false eyelash with paper towel

Step 6
Place your lashes back into the case they came in for safe keeping. I always like to apply a little bit of lash glue to stick them back onto the curved base so they will retain their shape better, but you will need to repeat step 2 before reapplying them.
one hand holding up a set of false eyelashes back in their case




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