Tips for Keeping Your Feet Soft Year Round

January 26, 2018
two feet with red toe nail polish, on a white background, next to white flowers

As winter gets closer and closer, you probably notice your skin getting dryer and dryer. One of the areas of our skin that often gets overlookedย especially in the winter months is our feet. There is nothing worse then having your feet catch on your sheets, and if you share your bed with someone I’m sure they don’t appreciate when your sandpaper feet scratch their legs! Follow these tips to ensure you have soft feet all year round… and maybe get a few extra foot massages!!

1ย | Get regular pedicures – Treating your feet regularly will ensure that you don’t get unwanted thick callus’s, cracking and peeling. I recommend a pedicure about every 3-4 weeks, if you get your nails done regularly add a pedicure to your treatment, even if it is every other time. If getting an in salon treatment isn’t financially affordable for you, then I recommend investing in a nice foot spa and treating yourself at home with the same timeline. *If your feet are especially bad do not expect miracle results the first time, but gradually over time you will see the difference. Never let anyone use a razor on your feet its unsanitary and treating the skin too aggressively will only cause it to grow back faster.

2ย | Get yourself a foot file, leave it in the shower and give your feet a quick buff a few times a week in between your pedicures to prevent any buildup

3ย | Moisturize your feet at night. If you don’t like the greasy feeling (or you always forget to do something and have to get back out of bed and end up slip sliding across the floor like I do) I recommend using the Footlogix daily maintenance formula, its a mousse that absorbs instantly into your feet leaving them feeling moisturized and smooth without the greasy mess.

4 | Make sure you always have socks or slippers on inside your home. Especially in the winter months and especially if you have hardwood floors… they will suck all the moisture out of your feet. If you find your feet get too hot you can try a pair like that are more sandal style, this way the bottom of your foot is protected but your feet can still breathe.

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