How to Use Advanced Skincare Products

January 26, 2018
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Earlier I did a post about the 3 things you should be doing for your skin every single day, this is your Basic Skincare Routine. Once you have faithfully committed to the basics you may be ready to start adding some more advanced products into your daily regime, this post is here to help you learn about what advanced products are, and how and when you should be using them.

Below is a FULL advanced skincare routine, I suggest when adding advanced products into your routine to start slowly by adding 1 product at a time, this way you won’t overwhelm yourself and are more likely to stay committed to each product. Simply follow along in the order below and skip whichever products you haven’t added, or aren’t currently using. The one exception is you must always be using your basic products of course πŸ™‚

Step 1 | Eye Cleanser – Chances are if you wear makeup your probably already using an eye cleanser because regular facial cleansers tend to sting the absolute f*ck out of your eyes. However on the days you don’t wear makeup an eye cleanser will still help to clean away dirt and impurities around the eye in a gentler manner, and therefore you should still be using one.

Step 2 | Cleanser – Part of your basic routine, and unless you have oily skin is really only necessary in the PM.

Step 3 | Exfoliate – Your cleanser may already have some gentle exfoliating properties to it, which is great, but 1-3 times a week you will want to do a deeper exfoliation. This will help to lift and remove excess dead skin cells, leaving you with a brighter more youthful complexion, allow toxins to purge their way out of the skin with ease, and allow your products to penetrate deeper into the skin to work more effectively.

Step 4 | Tone – Part of your basic routine, and should be done every AM and PM

Step 5 | Eye Serum – Serums are more of a liquid, meaning they have smaller molecules then your creams, so they are able to penetrate deeper down into the skin. For this reason the ingredients in serums are much more active then in creams and usually are designed to correct specific concerns. Because the eye area is more delicate, eye serums have a gentler formulation then a face serum, and are designed to target concerns more specific to the eye area – fine lines, darkness, etc. An eye serum should always be used in the PM (because your skin is regenerating itself while you sleep) but can also be used in the AM if you wish.

Step 6 | Face Serum – Similar to an eye serum, but designed to target concerns more seen around the face – hydration, age spots, redness etc.Β  Again face serums should always be used in the PM, but can be used in the AM if you wish, and depending on your concerns you may use one serum in the AM and a totally different one in the PM (hydration in the morning, anti-aging in the evening)

Step 7 | Eye cream – Chances are if you aren’t already using an eye cream you are putting your regular facial moisturizer around your eye area, which is fine. BUT if you want to see amazing results and slow down the aging process even more, you should be using an eye cream in this area. The reason is that the skin around the eyes is much more fragile and delicate then the skin around the rest of the face, it also contains less water glands, and oil glands and therefore is prone to getting dehydrated quicker resulting in showing signs of aging first. (Think of the skin like a grape, when a grape loses its moisture, it shrivels into a raisin) Eye creams are formulated with a higher percentage of hydrating ingredients and contain oils to help treat the fragile area. Eye creams should always be used in the PM, but can also be used in the AM if you wish.

Step 8 | Moisturize – Part of your basic routine, should be done every AM and PM, and you may wish to use 1 moisturizer for the daytime, and a totally different one in the evening.

And that my friends is your FULL advanced skincare routine, if you have any questions, such as which product to add first, or are looking for any product recommendations be sure to leave a comment and I will be sure to respond πŸ™‚

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