What is my Skin Type? Here is how you can Determine Yours!

January 26, 2018
Multiple products for different skin types laying flat on a white marble countertop

Knowing your skin type is important to the general health of your skin, this little piece of information serves as the foundation for building a proper skin care routine. Before I answer the question, “what is my skin type” let me bust a few skin type myths…

1 | You cannot change your skin type – much like our hair and eye colour our skin type is part of your DNA. Yes we use hair dye to change our hair colour, and contacts can change our eye colour… these are temporary, at the end of the day we’re born with what we’re born with. Your skin is no different, and we can use skin care products to help balance our skins behavior. What does change is the characteristics of our skin, hydration, congestion, etc. These things can change with the season, with hormones, and by what we put into our bodies, therefore it is important to change your skincare routine to reflect the way your skin is currently behaving, sometimes for a week, sometimes for a season.

2 | There is no such thing as a “normal skin type” – yes there are skin types that are more common then others, but technically speaking there is no normal skin type, and when we speak of it we are really referring to skin that is maintaining a good balance. Products that say they are for use for normal skin type usually also include another skin type. Example “for normal to dry skin types” this product therefore is for someone with a dry skin type whose skin is maintaining a fairly good balance at that particular time, probably in the summer months.

3 | You cannot shrink your pores – some of you might hate me right now, but sometimes the truth really sucks. The size of your pores is what plays a large factor in what your skin type is and as we all now know, were stuck with. However when our pores become clogged and congested it actually can stretch the pore and make it appear larger then it naturally is, SO if we treat the congestion we can essentially “shrink” our pores back down to their genetically predetermined size. If anyone tells you otherwise they are lying to you, tell them they sit on a throne of lies and move on with your day…and probably stop taking skincare advice from them.

How to determine your skin type
Now that, that is out of the way, let me teach you how you can determine your skin type. Your skin type is determined by 2 things, the size of your pores (larger pores will secrete more oil, smaller pores less) and the thickness of your skin. So take off your makeup if your wearing any, grab a mirror and a magnifying glass, or a magnifying mirror, or both whatever will allow you to see your skin up close (yikes!)

Look around your face at your pores…

  • a healthy sized pores are about the size of a pinhead and when you stretch them they will disappear, we will all have some of these pores.
  • a dry pore will be smaller then a pinhead or invisible and the skin will be thinner and more sensitive in this area
  • an oily pore will be larger and when you stretch the skin it will remain visible, the skin will be thicker in this area, a really oily skin will have an orange peel like appearance.

What were your results?
80% + small/invisible pores = dry skin type

30-40% small/invisible pores, 60-70% larger pores = combination oily skin type

60-70% small/invisible pores, 30-40% larger pores = combination dry skin type

80% + larger pores = oily skin type

There you have it, hopefully now you have a better understanding on skin types, how they work, and are able to properly determine yours. Remember that your skin type is the foundation for your skin care, your products should always reflect your skins current characteristics and behaviour. As always if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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