Are You Keeping all the Skincare Sample Products You Receive? You Should Be!

February 21, 2018
A beautiful picture of 5 skincare sample products on a textured white background

Most of the time I order my skincare online, and it usually always arrives with a sample or two. I used to rip open my packages, grab the product I ordered bring it upstairs to the washroom, and dispose of the garbage… which used to include the samples (unless it was one that I was super interested in trying). One less piece of junk around the house I used to think. It wasn’t until I got pregnant and my skin started doing all kinds of crazy stuff that I really started to see the benefits of keeping samples on hand, even if they are for something I don’t usually have an issue with. From that point forward I started collecting samples and keeping what I like to call my “Sample Drawer” which is exactly what it sounds like, a drawer filled with skincare samples… but organized. Below are some of the many benefits of keeping samples that I have discovered over the past couple of years and why you should start building a sample drawer too!

Benefits of a Sample Drawer

– If you’re experiencing a new problem with your skin, dig into your samples to treat it before you commit to a full size product. Maybe your samples will be enough to take care of the problem, but if it persists then you will have a better idea of which full size product you like!

– If you have an unexpected overnight guest, or a forgetful one; hand them a few samples so they can go to bed with a clean face!

– If you are going away for a night or two, just bring some samples instead of having to make room for all your full sized products. Also its one less thing to unpack when you return, and no one likes unpacking.

– You’ve run out of product and you want to try switching things up a little bit, but are unsure what new product you want to try; dig into your samples to figure out what you like!

– On occasion you experience a temporary problem with your skin, but it doesn’t warrant the need for purchasing a full sized product because you would never use it all. Stock up on some samples for addressing this concern so you have them on hand when you need them!

– You’re broke, but you’ve run out of moisturizer!! (it happens to the best of us) Keeping your samples stocked up will help you get by until you’re in a better position to replenish products.

Tips for Your Sample Drawer

– Get Zip-lock baggies or small baskets from the dollar store and label them. (Moisturizers, Face Masks, Exfoliants etc.) This way you can separate your different sample types for easy access when you need one.

– Before you put your samples away, use a Sharpie to write down the month and year that you got it, this way if you come across a sample that is super old that you never used, you can just chuck it.

So go ahead, add those 3 free samples to your cart when checking out at Sephora, smile and take the sample from the lady at the department store. Collect all the samples. Hoard all the Samples. Use all the samples! You’ll be glad you did.

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