Mom Wardrobe Essentials: The Basics Collection

February 14, 2018
picture showcasing 14 basic wardrobe pieces for moms

Once you become a mama, you will start to realize that some of your wardrobe staples are no longer practical when you are on “mom duty” which becomes almost all of the time. That doesn’t mean that you have to let yourself go and become the stereotypical “soccer mom”. With a few modifications to your wardrobe basics (you probably even had some of these already) you can keep your sense of style during this new chapter in your life. These are the essential basics I have in my wardrobe, I wear and use all of these items either everyday, every week, or regularly enough throughout the year that I don’t know what I would do without them! I recommend keeping your basics in neutral colors (black, grey, taupe, tan, and white) this way you can mix and match with trendy seasonal items, or easily pair them with another basic item for a quick and easy outfit! Because you probably realized you also don’t have that much time to pull an outfit together.

1. A pullover sweater | – Simple and soooo comfortable, I am always reaching for a cozy pullover in the chillier weather. They are great for lounge days, going to the park, or running a few quick errands. I like to go with one that either has a designer logo (not “The Gap”) or some sort of design or embellishment on it so it looks a little more fashion forward.

2. Sunglasses | My sunglasses are my lifesaver, they are perfect for hiding the fact that I didn’t have time to put makeup on in the morning for preschool drop off. Also for when I need to go do errands and don’t have time for a full makeup, I just put on a bold lipstick, pop on my sunnies and no one knows eyes are naked under them! Fake it till you make it my friends, and your sunglasses will help you do just that.

3. Backpack | Once you have a toddler, a backpack will change your life. I no longer bring a stroller with me everywhere we go, and I absolutely do not want to be lugging around my diaper bag for a day at the aquarium or where ever. I used to try and shove all Parkers essentials into my purse but it never really fit. Now I just toss all his things and my things into the backpack and off we go. I also like it for going to the park because I can still freely play with the kids and not have to worry about leaving the diaper bag unattended in the stroller. (I’m already paranoid enough about someone stealing my stroller!)

4. Black Leggings | No explanation needed.

5. A Nice Pair of Flats | Essential for when you have something to attend with the kids (a birthday party, an appointment, etc.) and you want to dress up a little bit, but no part of you wants to be chasing your littles around in heals half the day. A nice pair of flats will add the finishing touch to your outfit while still keeping it functional.

6. Long Cardigan | Comfy, cozy, & EASY! Popping a long cardigan over a tank or tee is such a quick way to finish an outfit, and give it a little something extra beyond basic jeans and a shirt, or leggings and a shirt.

7. Jeans | Unfortunately we can’t wear leggings everywhere, and jeans will automatically make your outfit look more respectable and less sloppy(unless you have fancy leather leggings or something) If you are like me and you wear all black 95% of the time, Jeans DO come in black, shocking I know. I do recommend that everyone owns ONE pair of blue jeans though. I have a dark pair that I wear with a ribbed black turtleneck or a black t-shirt for a quick basic outfit.

8. A Great Hat | Not just for the beach! A great hat will immediately elevate the most basic of outfits and make you look more put together while also hiding the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in days. If you don’t usually wear hats, it might be a little intimidating to start, and you might feel like everyone is staring at you… and they probably are – because they are jealous of your great hat πŸ˜‰

9. V-Neck T-shirt | Great for throwing on with a pair of leggings at home. Great for throwing on under a long cardigan. Great for throwing on with a pair of jeans and a great hat. Easy and comfy, I am constantly wearing these, and if you had a few you would be too!

10. Casual Jacket | I had a great winter parka. I had a beautiful jacket for date nights and going out, which I would just wear as my regular jacket pre-kids. But once I became a mom I found the jacket I constantly needed but didn’t have was just a causal jacket I could wear when out running errands, or taking the kids to the park on a chilly day. Because lets face it, once the temperature drops, your jacket basically becomes your outfit, and you still want to look good. I invested in a stylish casual jacket that has since become the one I am constantly reaching for.

11. Fashion Sneakers | A step up from regular running shoes, a fashionable pair of sneakers will amp up the leggings and sweatshirt combo you wore to the park without sacrificing functionality.

12. Diaper Bag or a Large Tote | You don’t need to use the classic utility diaper bags they sell at Toys R Us anymore. Many designers are now designing actual diaper bags, or if you would rather opt for a large tote you can buy a diaper bag organizer off of amazon. If you have a baby you NEED a diaper bag, backpacks are great when they get a little older, but when they are little bitty you want to be able to just grab what you need, when you need it and not be digging around in a backpack.

13. Scarf | I love necklaces, baby’s love to pull on necklaces. A scarf is a great alternative to accessorize your outfit while remaining functional for mom duty.

14. Rain bootsΒ | – Young kids love to be outside, and a little bit of rain or mud doesn’t change that. Once the weather warms up in the spring they will be dying to get back to the park, despite the fact that is mucky and slushy and gross. Rain boots are a must so you don’t ruin your shoes. Plus they really enjoy when you jump in the puddles with them!

Did I miss something basic that you couldn’t live without in your mom wardrobe?! Let me know in the comments below. XO

P.S. If you love a specific item in the photos I have added affiliate links to the list!

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