10 Hot Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

March 14, 2018
A picture showcasing 10 fashion items for spring 2018

With spring right around the corner, its time to welcome the fashion trends a new season brings. Spring is when I usually come out of mourning and add some colour into my wardrobe outside my usual shades of black. Today I am sharing with you 10 of my favourite fashion trends seen on the runways for Spring 2018, and how I plan to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

1. Dark Denim – We usually see lighter denim gracing the runways in the warmer months, however this year we saw a resurgence of dark denim in the spring/summer collections! I love dark denim because its more slimming, and it can be dressed up or down, so you get more bang for your buck!

2. White tanks with a twist – I try not to do too much white with having young kids, but there is just something so simple about a plain white T or tank, this season we are seeing a twist on them, with some added details or graphic prints. Pair yours with your dark denim for a quick and easy look.

3. The Trench Coat – A classic piece, the trench coat is defiantly the jacket of the season this spring. Throw yours overtop of your white tank to beat the slightly cool temps in spring.

4. Cat Eye Sunglasses – Sunglasses are a staple in my mom wardrobe! Perfect for hiding the fact that you either didn’t have time, or were just too lazy to put on makeup. I also love a good cat eye for some added attitude! While I already have a darker pair of cat eye glasses, I am 100% going to add a lighter pair to compliment the lighter colours that spring brings!

5. Red Boots – When spring rolls around, I am usually ready to ditch the boots, but early spring likes to play those funny games where sometimes you need boots, and other times you don’t. What better way to get excited about still having to wear boots then with a fun red pair! I prefer a chunkier heal for daytime wear as I find them to be more comfortable. These pair would look great with your dark denim and trench coat!

6. Black and White Polka Dots – “Florals for spring… groundbreaking” Not this season my friends, black and white polka dots appears to be the pattern of the season. I prefer a black with smaller white dots, for a more feminine rather then retro look.

7. White Sneakers – Sneakers are another one of my mom wardrobe basics. They are more trendy then running shoes, but more comfortable then ballet flats, making them the perfect option for running errands. A white pair is perfect for adding a little brightness for the spring weather. (After all the muck and slush settles)

8. Fringe – You will more then likely be seeing a ton of fringe on the racks this season, however I am not a huge fan of fringe on clothes, but I will happily embrace the trend in a smaller way with accessories. I love this bag charm, its a great way to freshen up a classic piece bag you already have, and it doubles as a quick distraction for a baby if you are in a jam, like stuck waiting in a long bank line!

9. Pastels – Always my favourite part of spring! While I am usually a monochromatic black girl, when the pastels come out in spring, I just can’t help myself. There is something so soft and feminine with the softer hues, and I much prefer them over brighter colours. I am in love with this pastel maxi dress, I love maxi’s because they are so simple, toss one on and add an accessory or 2 and your whole outfit is done. I always add a few new maxi’s to my wardrobe every year when the weather warms up, and I can’t wait to add some pastel ones into my collection!

10. Statement Straw Hats – While the hats seen on the runway were WAY to over the top for everyday wear, straw hats with fun added details like pops of colour, or a fun added detail like this bow will still make a great alternative. I love hats, and they are another one of my mom wardrobe basics; they are great for bad hair days, and always elevate an outfit.

What are some of your favourite fashion trends for this spring season? Let me know in the comments below!

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