My Spring Skincare Routine

March 21, 2018
A beautiful picture with tulips and The Ordinary skincare products

When the season changes, it is important to update your daily skincare routine. This is because each season brings new environmental conditions that will have different effects on our skin. With spring here, I am ready to move away from the heavier products that were protecting and hydrating my skin during the harsh winter, to something a little lighter and more refreshing!

I recently discovered The Ordinary products, and I was so excited to find products with such a high percentage of active ingredients at such affordable prices! (I actually thought there was some sort of mistake with the pricing THATS how affordable it is!) I immediately bought all the things! Haha okay well not all the things, but enough to get started with a light, but potent skincare routine!

This is what I picked up (All for only $70.00!!!!) They are all serums that come in 30ml bottles with a dropper, I drop about 3 drops of each on my hand and then apply to my face and eyes at the same time for a “super-serum”

For my morning routine:

Caffeine Solution 5%ย –ย This is an exception to my previous statement. I apply 1 drop of this individually around each eye. Caffeine aids in circulation, and dark circles around the eyes occur as a result of poor circulation. Better circulation will also help to decrease water retention helping to reduce puffiness around the eye area.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% – Don’t let the word acid fool you! This amazing ingredient naturally occurs in the skin but its quantity depletes with age, and just ONE molecule can hold up to 1000 x’s its weight in water. You can think of it as a sponge, absorbing and retaining vast amounts of water, which not only hydrates the skin but plumps it as well.

Argireline solution 10% – This is a peptide, peptides are building blocks for protein, and the most abundant protein found in the body is… collagen! Peptides have shown great promise in helping to promote greater collagen production in the skin, keeping the skin thick, plump, and smooth. Science has even shown that when used in high enough concentration Peptides can even produce a mild Botox like effect! (I apply this twice a day, and go into further detail of how the specific peptides in Argirelineย work in a bit)

For my evening routine:

100% Squalane – This is a natural compound of human sebum, which means it is highly compatible with our skin. It is able to penetrate super efficiently which makes it an amazing transport system for helping the skin to absorb ingredients from other products. It also has humectant properties, which means it helps to draw moisture from the air into the skin, making it extremely hydrating!

Argireline solution 10% – The peptides found in Argireline are a shortened version of those found in Botox. By applying them topically to the skin they work in the same manner, they relax the muscles in the face causing them to contract with less intensity, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles!

Matrixyl 10% – Another form of a peptide, Matrixyl is a combination of 2 peptides, that work to mimic the appearance of broken down collagen. When the skin notices collagen breaking down it will work to replace it with fresh healthy collagen and elastin. As we age the skins natural process for producing collagen slows down, by applying Matrixyl we are helping our skin return to the natural level of production.

I have been using these products for about a week now, and although it takes about 2 weeks of using a new product before you can really start to notice the effects, so far I am loving them. They feel nice and light on my skin, they absorb quickly, and have little to no scent. I will definitely update you all in a few weeks to let you know what kind of results I am seeing! And of course I am using all of these products in combination with my basic skincare routine!

This post is 100% me being excited about a new product that I found, and wanted to share with you guys, it is not sponsored but I have provided affiliate links to the products I share, should you want to give them a try! Have you tried any of The Ordinary’s products, what were your opinions on them? Let me know in the comments below!

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