Six Stylish (but functional) Baby Carriers

April 25, 2018
A picture of 6 different baby carriers lined up in 2 rows

Baby wearing is a great way to keep your little bub close while you tend to other chores around the house, or just want your hands free. It is also essential for a second baby, especially if you opted not to invest in a double stroller and your older babe is only a tot.

There are many beautiful wraps to carry your baby in, however even the ones that say they are “easy to wear” still require a learning curve. Also I happen to be petite, I tried 3 different wraps, and I found each one to end up feeling bulky, and made me look frumpy, and like I had strapped my baby to be with a blanket! But when I went to look at an actual baby carrier, they were all so structured, and UGLY. Thankfully I was able to find one sleek lightweight carrier, and since then many companies have started producing more fashion savvy carriers! Here are 6 of my favourites!

1.ย Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier – I know I said wraps weren’t for me, but this one is actually tricking you… its NOT a wrap. It actually has a structured seat and a buckle at the back! It really is the best of both worlds. It also comes with a handy storage pouch for travelling. It is suitable for infants from 8-35 pounds and face in and face out wear.

2.ย CYBEX Yema Multi-Position Baby Carrier – This carrier is truly gorgeous. Designed with the fashion forward mom in mind, you are able to carry your babe on your front, side, or back in this 100% cotton carrier. It includes a padded waist belt with a safety loop, and comes with a storage bag that is compact enough to fit in your diaper bag!

3.ย Infantino Up Close Newborn Carrier – This is the one I was able to find when I needed a carrier. It is super lightweight and soft. Easy to put on and take off, and keeps babe snuggly close. It has a head support for when the baby is younger, that snaps down for as the baby grows. You can carry your newborn up to 25 lbs in this carrier, facing inwards and out. It is one of the more basic carriers on my list. But it isn’t bulky, comes in a beautiful neutral colour, and most importantly; it gets the job done! (It’s also priced amazingly!)

4.ย Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier – Another basic, price friendly, but fashionable option on the list. This carrier goes on like backpack (except in the front) and then you tie the straps to your comfort, rather than having to adjust a buckle. This makes it super easy to transfer between multiple people who may be wearing it. I love that is has a neutral base colour, but then has a fun print on it as well. It is suitable for 8-35lbs and you can face your baby inwards or out.

5. Baby Tulaย Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier – This one is sleek, super functional, and comes in a wide range of gorgeous prints, as well as solid colours! You can adjust the width and height of the panel to the size of your baby as he or she grows. It also has a padded adjustable waistband WITH a pocket. And padded adjustable shoulder straps, which is great because even the smallest of babies get surprisingly heavy after a while. This carrier allows you to carry your little one on your front or back, facing inwards or out from 8-45lbs.

6.ย BabyBjorn One Baby Carrier – A more structured option, but the pastel colour keeps it from looking to bulky! (It also comes in a wide range of other colours and even a few prints!) It has everything you could ever want in a baby carrier; luxuriously thick shoulder straps and a pressure relieving waist belt for you. And a fully adjustable seat, and neck support for baby. Use this carrier in 4 different positions, for babies from 8-33lbs

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