My mother often likes to tell the story of a 2 year old little girl at Disney World getting her face painted as a tiger and throwing a tantrum when she did not have lipstick applied, that little girl grew up to be me, Cortney! Now at 27, I am a certified makeup artist, skin care specialist, and graduate of a fashion business program. It’s safe to say that from a young age, the beauty and fashion industry have always been a huge passion of mine! About 3 years ago I left the industry in order to take on the greatest job in the world, being a stay at home mom. After having my son Parker, I struggled with not loosing myself while embracing my new identity as a mother. I knew I didn’t want to become that “typical mom” who never has their hair done, wears mid length shorts, and hauls around a utility diaper bag. But obviously I didn’t have the same amount of time to spend on myself, especially when 2 years later we added a second little man into the mix. But over time I began to learn how to streamline my beauty routine, find pieces for my wardrobe that are fashionable AND practical for chasing around 2 little ones, and sourcing out baby products that are just as beautiful as they are functional! Now I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you, incase you don’t want to be a regular mom, but a cool mom πŸ˜‰